2019 Official Events

Save these dates for a year of elegance and fun!

Sunday, March 31 — Tomfoolery! April foolishness, Edwardian style
Saturday, May 11 — Tweed Ride in Albany: bicycles, historic downtown, and beer tasting!
Sunday, July 14 — BYOB Picnic at Peninsula Park. So much fun! “Bring Your Own Boat” toy boat races
Sunday, July 28 — Bush House Frolic in Salem: we will be Living History volunteers in a 1905 day of fun.
Weekend, August 17 & 18 — Excursion to Maple Valley, WA. We will be volunteers at Snoqulamie Railroad Days, where we can march in a parade, mingle with the crowds, and model in a fashion show!
September 7 — Downtown Dapper in Albany: strolling, shopping, and looking dapper!
November 9 — An Edwardian Dinner Party: location to be determined.

Please consider becoming a paid member in 2019 to keep up with all these events and more. As the year unfolds, we may add more outings and activities: sewing days, shopping trips, teas, or impromptu visits to museums or parks. In addition, we will share information (on the Facebook page and to our members) of related events hosted by other groups.


What is The Edwardian Society's purpose?

We enjoy the style and spirit of the Edwardian era, approximately 1900 to 1919. Although this time in history was brief, its impact on the 20th century was huge. We will explore the ideas, arts, culture and style of the Edwardian era through our activities.

Who can be a member?

Membership is open to anyone interested in this time period. We especially invite those who want to dress in the clothing of 1900 to 1919 and participate in the activities of the group. Members will receive email announcements of Living History events, plus discounts on tickets to Edwardian Society activities.

What types of activities does it include and promote?

Many of our activities will be “play.” Everyone is welcome to attend, at any level of Edwardian dress, just to enjoy the style and activities of the early 20th century. These will include picnics, potluck parties, and promenades. A few of our activities will be at the “living history” level. For these, we will all take more care with our appearance and manners, to more closely match the mood of the era. These may include cultural events, dinner parties, dances, and eventually, immersion weekends and retreats. Our activities are limited only by our imaginations and our pocketbooks!

Where is it located?

Most of our activities and events will take place in the Portland Metro area and the Willamette Valley, although we hope to venture farther afield in the future.

How can I participate?

Soon we will have a submission form to join, but as the Society is so new, it's going to take us a little time to organize all our information to contact members regarding upcoming events. In the meantime, if you have questions, please email us for information!

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